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  • drink-driver — drink driˈver noun Someone who drives a vehicle after having drunk alcohol, esp more than the legally permitted amount • • • Main Entry: ↑drink * * * noun, pl ers [count] Brit : ↑drunk driver * * * ˌdrink ˈdriver [drink driver drink drivers …   Useful english dictionary

  • drink driver — drink drivers N COUNT A drink driver is someone who drives after drinking more than the amount of alcohol that is legally allowed. [BRIT] Drink drivers cause ten deaths a week. Derived words: drink driving N UNCOUNT ...a drink driving conviction …   English dictionary

  • drink-driver — noun a) A person who engages in drink driving. A drink driver is anyone who is over the legal alcohol limit for driving. b) A person who operates a motor vehicle when legally intoxicated. See Also: drink and drive …   Wiktionary

  • drink-driving — is the form in BrE for the legal offence of driving a vehicle with an excess of alcohol in the blood; in AmE it is drunk driving (usually as two unhyphened words). The corresponding forms for the offender are drink driver and (again mostly… …   Modern English usage

  • drink-driving — n [U] BrE driving a car after having drunk too much alcohol American Equivalent: drunk driving >drink driver n …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • drink — v. & n. v. (past drank; past part. drunk) 1 a tr. swallow (a liquid). b tr. swallow the liquid contents of (a vessel). c intr. swallow liquid, take draughts (drank from the stream). 2 intr. take alcohol, esp. to excess (I have heard that he… …   Useful english dictionary

  • drink and drive — verb To drive a motor vehicle shortly after having consumed an alcohol beverage or beverages. Dont drink and drive. See Also: drink driver, drink driving, drunk driver, DUI, DWI …   Wiktionary

  • drink-driving — noun a) Operation of a motor vehicle after recently consuming an alcoholic beverage. A reformed alcoholic with an “appalling” history of drink driving between three and five times the legal limit was jailed yesterday. b) A criminal offence… …   Wiktionary

  • drink-driving — noun Brit. the crime of driving a vehicle with an excess of alcohol in the blood. Derivatives drink driver noun …   English new terms dictionary

  • drink-driving — /drɪŋk ˈdraɪvɪŋ / (say dringk druyving) noun the driving of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. –drink driver, noun …  

  • Drink driving (United Kingdom) — Drink driving laws in the United Kingdom govern driving, attempting to drive, or being in charge of a motor vehicle when either over the prescribed limits of alcohol in the body, or unfit to drive as a result of consuming alcohol or other… …   Wikipedia

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